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Just Call Me the Lullaby Lady

A Clackamas Resident's Musical Journey By: Catherine Pittman


Catherine has been playing the piano since she was 8 or 9. With only three years of piano lessons, she has been writing songs since she was 16, winning her first award in a Masonic Youth Talent Contest with her original song, This I Believe. She also had a song, We’re Job’s Daughters Fair and True, published by the International Order of Job’s Daughters for their use.

In 1992, her sister announced she was expecting her first child, and she wanted to give her sister a very special gift to celebrate the birth of her first child.

When people ask how she got her start, she simply says, “the birth of my niece and those who knew about my little recording project for her.” Many of her co-workers and friends all wanted to purchase it when she played what she had recorded for her sister and niece. It is these special people in her life that helped Pitter Patter Productions to launch, and Catherine to do what she truly believes “God intended me to do with my little hobby.”

Now calling Clackamas home, Pitter Patter Productions currently offers two lullaby albums, one toddler album, and two Christmas albums. The company concentrates on music for “little folks,” specializing in lullabies and toddler music as she strongly feels music is an important part of a child’s development. Her album, The Dream Faerie, includes her award-winning song, The Dream Catcher and the album, Topsy Toddler Time, includes her award-nominated song, A Sweet Little Silly Song—both from past Portland Songwriting Association competitions. Her first Christian song, The Road of Life, just won first place in a national lyric competition held by the Dallas Songwriting Association.

Family and friends have been involved in all of the albums in one way or another. A family member, friend or a child designed each album cover. She particularly enjoys using kids for the cover artwork because she loves encouraging arts of every genre. Her sister, niece and nephew all helped with some of the vocals on her album, The Dream Faerie, making it truly a family adventure.

While her little inspirations are now young adults, Catherine continues to have more ideas for future albums than time. In addition to the songwriting, she also has written a variety of articles, some of which were published in the Vancouver Family Magazine and Utah Baby Guide. In addition, she sells her handcrafted creations on Etsy and sells them online at her store, Singing Cat Creations.

Today, her music soul has taken a new road of life due to a life-altering health issue: End Stage Renal disease. Thanks to her positive outlook in battling the disease, she hasn’t let it get the best of her. She is always saying, “I’m still on this side of the grass.” Her battle with the disease caused her early retirement in 2017. Despite the affects of the disease, she still finds time for that aspect of her life that has brought so much joy over the years.

For Catherine, it has been about the journey, not about being famous or rich. She feels blessed to have family and friends who have supported that journey. And like her personal life, her songwriting has also taken a new road and turned towards Christian music songwriting. Catherine hopes one day to record these new songs while she is still “on this side of the grass.”

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