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In Memory of My Mom

When I was in elementary school, my mother came across a funny poem called, "Der Night Behind Christmas." I lost my mom in February of this year, and as I went through all her things I came across her copy of that funny little poem. It brought a smile as I remembered her reading it often at Christmas. So I thought I'd share the funny, little poem and her favorite Christmas song with my readers to honor her memory.

Der Night Behind Christmas Author: Alan F Herdman

It was the night behind Christmas And all thru the house,

Not a critter was stirring,

Not even der mouse.

Mine stockings were hung

By der chimney of rocks,

So der Santa could see

That I needed new socks!

Mine puppies ver nestled all snug in der beds,

As visions of dog biscuits danced thru der heads.

Mama in her kerchief and me in mine chaps,

Had just settled down for der cold winter schnapps.

When out on der lawn lawn

There arose such a rumpus,

I thought it was gangsters that

Come out to bump us!

So away to der window I flew like a lark,

Poosh open der shutters

And looked out in der dark.

When what to mine watering eyes should appear,

But a little ol' sled and eight frisky reindeer!

With a fat old drive with

Red nose a-tingle,

I didn't know then it was just der Kris Kringle!

More faster than eagles der coursers they came,

So I called all mine doggies by there first names.

"Now Fido! Now Rover! No Oolaf! Now Pixy!

Here Waggy, hear Weenie, here Wacky and Trixie!"

They raced through der house and out mine front door,

I thought then I'd never see mine puppies no more!

Cut into the front yard der puppies they flew,

Chased all der reindeer and the fat driver too!

And then in a while, they finally came back,

And I see at der first glance,

Each has got in his teeth,

Some of Santa Claus' pants!

Their eyes, how they twinkled,

Their tails wagged merrily,

Der cloth in their mouths

Was more than they could carry!

Yes, that is why Santa gave me no presents this year,

Just went back to der nort' pole to get patched in der rear.

And I heard him explain as he drove out in der night,

"In der front, I look good....In der back, what a sight!"

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