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Newborn Baby

Benefits of Music

Exposing Your Child to the World of Music

Music is everywhere...
In nature, the movies & commercials we watch
Car radio, and streaming music on phones & computers.
Image this world we call home without any music...
No drum beats, no musical instruments, no singing.

Parrish the thought!

Life without the beauty of music would be a sad life indeed!
Here are my 21 reasons why you should expose your newborn, baby or toddler to music from the start!

21 Benefits of Music: Image

The Importance of Exposing Children to Music

  • Emotional well-being

  • Stimulates motor skills

  • Accelerates language development

  • Soothes and comforts crying babies

  • Lullabies strengthens the bond between parent and child

  • Inspires creativity and improvisation

  • Promotes eye-hand coordination

  • Encourages self-confidence

  • Motivates concentration

  • Enhances physical education

  • Motivates, stimulates and captivates little imaginations, giving children the power to achieve great things in life, and the wings to do it!

  • Encourages interaction with others

  • Strengthens communication and expression skills

  • Aids memory

  • Facilitates the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-expression and self-control~~ all key ingredients to success in life!

  • Music is a highly powerful method of setting a child's moods

  • Improves vocabulary development

  • Transcends language barriers. Children of any culture can share and enjoy music together while playing!

  • Hearing and making music is a very enriching and positive experience

  • Encourages patience

  • Making music is a fun activity!

    Music is a wonderful tool to help parents connect and bond with their children. There is no doubt that music can be a powerful catalyst for healing, learning creativity and development 

21 Benefits of Music: Bio

"Encourage your child to raise their voice in song,
and make a joyful noise!"

Catherine Pittman

21 Benefits of Music: Quote
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